Titan Skin Tightening

What is Titan Skin Tightening?

Achieving smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin is a goal that most men and women have, but undergoing extensive treatments in order to achieve this goal is not what everyone wants to endure. At Crave Med Spa, we offer the Titan™ skin tightening system to help prevent visible signs of aging, with non-invasive light therapy. 

As the skin ages, one of the usual effects is losing collagen. This is the essential building block in the structure and strength of the skin that can result in wrinkles, lines and folds as production decreases.

What Are The Benefits Of Titan Skin Tightening?

Where beauty injectables, products, and other skin rejuvenation procedure come up short, the Titan™ laser system can: 


  • Penetrate the deeper layers of skin to help fix visible signs of aging at the source 
  • Tighten existing collagen to provide natural lifting effect to the skin 
  • Target tissues without removing or damaging under the surface of the skin for minimal to no downtime 
  • Stimulate your skin’s natural healing response for sustainable, continuous enhancements to the skin 

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Titan Skin Tightening can be used for:

Double Chin


Upper Arms


Frequently Asked Questions:


Improvement with Titan can be seen after a span of three to five treatments. However, some patients have seen immediate results from a treatment. For most patients, results appear gradually over 2-6 months.

The Titan skin tightening treatment costs about $1,500 per session, with a minimum of two to three treatments. 

Yes! The Titan skin tightening sessions are safe for the skin. It tightens your skin without the costs or risks of surgery, and there’s no downtime.

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