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Melasma is a common condition of hyper-pigmentation of the skin, predominantly occurring in women. These dark spots may occur superficially within the skin, or deep beneath the skin. 

Dermal and epidermal melasma have different types of treatments, so it is important to seek the advice of Crave Med Spa Skincare Clinicians to determine the best and most safe route of treatment that will produce the best results.

We recommend a chemical peel or laser treatment to help lighten the dark patches. Schedule a consultation to explore your treatment options. 

Melasma Potential Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are creams that can be administered by our professionals in order to lighten the skin. We might also prescribe topical steroids to assist in lightening the affected areas. If these don’t work, chemical peels, dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion are alternative options. These treatments remove the top layers of skin, and might help lighten dark patches.

These procedures are not a 100% guarantee that melasma won’t return at some point in the future, and some cases of melasma will be completely lightened. You may have to return to our facility for follow-up visits, and stick to certain skin treatment practices in order to decrease the risk of the melasma coming back. These include limiting sun exposure and wearing sunscreen daily.

What causes melasma is not completely evident. Darker-skinned people are at greater danger than fair-skinned people. The disease is also connected with the sensitivity of estrogen and progesterone.

Your healthcare professional can prescribe creams that can make your skin lighter. Topical steroids may also be prescribed to assist lighten the impacted regions. If these do not work, there are possible choices for chemical peels, dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion.

Pills for birth control, pregnancy, and hormone therapy can all cause melasma. It is also believed that stress and thyroid disease are causes of melasma. In addition, sun exposure can trigger melasma because ultraviolet rays impact the pigment (melanocytes) control cells.

It is believed that stress-induced overproduction of certain hormones can trigger outbreaks of this disorder. Other rare causes of melasma include drug and cosmetic allergic reactions.

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