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At Crave Med Spa, we’re happy to contribute in any way we can toward helping you feel and look your most vibrant. Our staff addresses your health from a holistic and non-surgical standpoint. Some of our treatments aim toward the longevity of your overall health.

If you are searching to add some tools to your repertoire, schedule a complimentary consultation. Discover what we offer that could help you take your wellness to the next level.

No matter what skin condition you need help with, our knowledgeable and licensed estheticians will work to provide a healthy, safe, organic, and effective procedure with minimum to no downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In brief, health is a state of being in understanding the distinction between health and wellness, while wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle. Health relates to physical well-being, mental well-being, and social well-being.

  • Surround yourself with individuals that are positive and supportive.
    Weed things out and relationships that don’t help you.
  • Have what you want and what you want.
    Practice thankfulness.
  • Your body care: eat well, sleep well, workout.
  • Know and live your values.
  • Find operations that will give you a feeling of purpose and connectivity.

Wellness is an effective method of becoming conscious of a good and satisfying existence and making decisions. Wellness is more than disease-free, it is a vibrant shift and development method.

Wellness can have many distinct meanings, but in physical, emotional and spiritual health, a particular concept is attaining a good equilibrium. Studies have shown that having an extensive wellness program can foster preventive health procedures, enhance morale in the workforce, and more.

Research information validates the need for greater care for their health by people. Implementing a wellness program can assist staff know the significance of creating adjustments in behaviour and can encourage improvements in behaviour. Other benefits of an efficient wellness program include enhanced productivity and morality, lower health benefits usage, decreased absenteeism and enhanced retention of employees.

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Crave Med Spa offers a unique combination of age-defying medical procedures, traditional spa services and health/wellness consultations.

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