IV Drip Hydration and Wellness Treatments in Humble TX

IV Drip Hydration and Wellness Treatments in Humble TX

IV Drip Hydration and Wellness Treatments in Humble TX

What Are The Benefits to IV Drip Treatments

Hydration is a critical component to having optimal health. While drinking water is a great way to enrich your body with hydration, the facts are it is not as efficient or fast acting as being hydrated through an IV. The reason for this is simple, whenever you have fluids and nutrients distributed into your body through an IV, they are immediately released into your bloodstream, giving you immediate results. However, whenever you consume water and nutrients through your mouth, they have to travel all the way down into the low gastrointestinal tract. This is a long journey for these important nutrients to travel, meaning it can take several hours after you drink water before your body begins to feel the benefits.


There are many different reasons your body may become dehydrated. Some of these include having an intense workout, having a stomach bug that affects your ability to consume or maintain liquids in your system, a night of moderate to heavy alcohol consumption, and more. Staying hydrated by drinking water is great and always recommended, however water alone cannot help to restore other vital components such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Whenever you have the need to feel better quickly, IV hydration with nutrients is the obvious choice.


At Crave Med Spa in Humble, TX we offer our patients a wide range of IV hydration therapy treatments. These treatments are customized to help replenish different aspects of a patient’s health, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some of our most popular treatments include:


The Beauty Drip Therapy: The beauty drip therapy treatment is packed full of skin boosters, which include a broad variety of nutrients in topical skin care and beauty supplements that you are used to seeing. Many of the skin-targeted drips comprise minerals such as magnesium and zinc, vitamins B-complex, and vitamin C, all supporting good skin function.


Detox Drip Therapy: The detox drip therapy infuses your body with vital antioxidants and flushes out all the negative toxins. Your body could be overrun with negative toxins. These toxins could include a wide variety of noxious molecules that are keeping sick, tired, depressed, and overweight.


Party Drip Therapy: Ever felt the negative effects of drinking too much the next day? Alcohol consumption and lack of proper rest can both cause your body to lose water and vital electrolytes, which eventually results in headaches, fatigue, nausea, and dehydration. Schedule an appointment for your hangover cure at Crave Med Spa in Humble, TX.


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